6 Astounding Photos of HDB BTO 5-Room At Acacia Breeze That You Need To See Now

6 Astounding Photos of HDB BTO 5-Room At Acacia Breeze That You Need To See Now

klein interiors Living

One of the many aspects of a modern urban home is the pop of color it can incorporate into its interiors or overall design theme. This is evident in the living and dining rooms of this HDB BTO apartment. Both areas share one big space making them sync with each other. Two lazy boy chairs are the best furnishings for the living area while the colorful chairs.

klein interiors Kitchen

The kitchen is made to appear bigger because of the glass windows and door. Using white as the color for the kitchen makes the space look larger when complemented with the glass windows.  Storage cabinets are placed in appropriate areas to avoid getting in the way and causing clutter.

klein interiors Kitchen II

This cement screed kitchen with lacquer finish work well with the black and white theme of the interiors. Wet area and kitchen usually harder to maintain. Hence less tiles meaning less joint lines, make up keeping and maintenance of the kitchen a breeze.

klein interiors Study Area

The study area is still urban and modern in design, keeping to the subdued colors of black, white and gray. To make the room more conducive to study and productivity, ample and proper lighting is installed and an overhead bookshelf was also attached to the wall.

klein interiors Walk-in wardrobe

Because of the glass cabinets, the walk-in wardrobe has made the room bigger than it actually is. The use of black as the main color scheme for the walk-in gives one the feeling of a classic look. Lighting is found inside the cabinets to make searching for clothes easier to do.

klein interiors Bathroom

The bathroom is consistent with the rest of the overall theme. Black and white color scheme, bright lights and large windows give the room a happy vibe. Hidden lights are placed in the wood work to give more illumination to certain areas of the bathroom. By using artsy tiles, the floor also became decorative in nature.