6 Bedroom Styles For Every Taste

6 Bedroom Styles For Every Taste

Whether you want modern, unique, simple, minimalistic theme, traditional or retro style, you can find an inspiration here. Several different bedroom designs, done by the same designer show the versatility and the creativity of the person.

The first bedroom is done in a minimalistic style, with a textured wall, and a parquet that serves as the perfect contrast to the bright walls.

If you are more into luxury, and prestige, the second bedroom is the choice for you. With leather pillows, quality draping, mirrors and floor to ceiling storage cabinets, the bedroom is a synonym for luxury.

The fourth bedroom lacks space, but the designer makes the most of what he is given. In most cases, when you have small bedroom, you reduce the size of the bed. Such is the case here.

However, the room hasn’t lost any comfort or coziness. The lighting and the setting of the bedroom makes it very comfortable, romantic and truly special.

The fifth proposal is one for artistic people. The modern setting is enriched with art deco elements, expressing the artistic nature of the homeowner.