6 Creative Ways Of Using Colours In Your Home

weiken funky colors dining area

6 Creative Ways Of Using Colours In Your Home

weiken funky colors dining area

Sometimes, thinking and going out of the box can result in stunning interior that is more fun and vibrant than most designs we are used to. Such is the case here, where the designer has replaced the neutral palette of colours common for modern interiors with refreshing blue and green that are more appealing to the eyes.. Combining these two colours with excellent natural carpentry resulted in a fantastic, modern apartment that the young and old will surely love.

The living area feels like a lobby for a beach resort because of the blue sofa that is cool to the eyes. Combined with the white background, the home furnishing automatically stood out amidst the sea of white interiors.

weiken funky colors living area

The dining area follows the same design and color theme that feels like it has been taken straight out of a beach resort hotel. The dining table that is made of wood is fun and young in appeal. The white walls are accentuated with fresh coats of aqua blue color to make the areas come alive. Because of the clean carpentry, and the obvious careful choice of decor, the dining and living areas looked calm and pristine.

weiken funky colors office room

It is a totally different color however for the study area, as a light shade of green combined with dark wood greets you the moment you enter. There is a sense of calm productivity, perhaps induced by the choice of colors and the organized way the tables and shelves have been put together. The white plastic chairs add the modern touch to the design.

weiken funky colors kitchen

In the kitchen, the designer enhances the carpentry work with the use of tiles texture for the walls. Yellow gave the room life and made it more vibrant and cheerful, encouraging the homeowners to have fun as they do the cooking.

weiken funky colors master bedroom

The masters’ bedroom adheres to the same color scheme of blue and wood carpentry for a more fluid feel to the apartment. The geometric lines on the ceiling to floor cabinet added the texture and depth in the bedroom. The wood panels are exquisite that And while in the master bedroom and dining area the blue and dark brown laminate creates perfect contrast, in the office/study room, the designer goes for something more flowing. With that goal in mind, the light green is perfectly matched with a lighter wooden laminate for the desks, and white topping.

weiken funky colors kitchen 1

The kitchen interiors are very hip, trendy and modern. The white brick walls combined with the white storage cabinets and flooring made the whole room look brighter and bigger. By going for the minimalist look, the kitchen did not look stuffy especially since it is the only part of the apartment that has quite a narrow space to work with.