6 Tricks To Give Illusion Of Large Space In Small Apartment

6 Tricks To Give Illusion Of Large Space In Small Apartment

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A home and an apartment can be large and small, but the reality is your home is what you make for it. In a small apartment, it is essential that you focus on quality, not on how much space you lack or you need.

If you think that decorating a large home is hard, think again. It is more challenging to create the perfect interior in a small apartment. But there are ways to make the small apartment cozy, personable and give the illusion of large space.

1. Interior colors

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For interior colors, opt for options that make the illusion of airiness and space. Or in other words, light colors that make the space feel bigger than it actually is. Some of the options include the always good white, beige tones, and grays.

Muted pastels can also work and make the space bigger. The trick here is to trick the eye and make it look as walls disappear, not stand out.

2. Accent walls

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For accent walls, you should go the opposite way, and choose darker hues of a neutral color. The trick is for the walls to blend with one another, but the accent wall to be darker. One example is beige primary wall, with a darker taupe accent.

As for darker colors, you could add them to the windows walls or on walls with openings. This way, the dark color looks lighter due to the window light and breakup of entryways, doorways and hallways. Another trick you can employ is to put furniture in front of the darker wall in order to “eat” some of the color.

3. Mirrors

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It is one of the oldest tricks in the playbook, but it still works. Mirrors, glass and other reflection objects visually enlarge the space. The trick is to place them where their potential can be maximized.

One example is to place windows at the end of the hallway which creates an illusion of length in the hallway. When you want to reflect light, place the mirror opposite the window wall. This will reflect not only light, but a beautiful view as well.

In the bedroom, mirrors can be used to replace the sliding doors on the wardrobe. As for the bathroom, replace the vanity mirrors with a mirror that can extend to the full length of the wall.

4. Furniture

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When it comes to furniture, it is all about multifunctional and multi-purpose furniture that can provide décor, but also function and extra storage. Let’s start with some classic examples: storage ottoman that can also be used as a coffee table and seating for guests.

A dining table with storage adjacent can also be used as a home office desk. The couch can also be used as a sleeping area, similar like the futon. If you want to provide space for guests, go for fold-out couches and daybeds.

5. Natural light
The most essential tip and trick for a small apartment is to maximize the potential of natural light. Try to do so in any way possible. For the windows, this means using light colored fabrics, as well as sheers to diffuse the harsh bright light.

If you can, and if possible, try to install a skylight or sun diffuser tube in the ceiling. This ensures light can illuminate your small apartment and visually open it.

6. Storage

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Last, but not least, maximize hidden storage options and solutions in your home. This is especially important in the kitchen and in the bathroom, two potentially high risk rooms for clutter.

Under the counter and the cabinet provide many hidden storage tricks. In the bedroom, the space under the bed is the first choice, but over doorways can be used as well.