7 Best Storage Ideas For Small Kitchen
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7 Best Storage Ideas For Small Kitchen

Storage is an issue in every room, but in the kitchen, a room with a high risk of clutter, finding extra storage is a task worthy of a Nobel Prize. Luckily, there are ways that even the smallest of small kitchen can be accessorized with extra storage. source: Inzz Studio

First stop when adding extra storage in the kitchen is shelves and where you can add extra shelves. Some ideas for extra storage by shelves include the backdoor of kitchen elements and cabinet, as well as walls, corners, and literally every element in the kitchen. There is virtually no space in the kitchen that cannot be transformed into an extra shelve for storage.

Another spot to look for storage solutions is the kitchen island and the table if there is one in the kitchen. If there is a table/countertop, the space under the kitchen can be exploited for mobile shelves.

And one spot that small kitchens can always utilize is the refrigerator, or better said, the outside part of the fridge. Being that the fridge is made out of some kind of metal nowadays (the quality of the metal varies), the outside can be used as a magnetic field where you can place magnets.

The most common magnet rack is the spice rack. However, other solutions can be used.

In the kitchen, extra storage is needed not for large elements, but for the small ones. The small elements in the kitchen are the ones that have the highest potential to make the kitchen looks crowded and full with clutter.

Keeping the cookware, plates, dishes, spices and jars organized should be priority No.1 in any kitchen, no matter how large or small it is. The problem is, the smaller the kitchen, the less space for the necessary kitchen elements there is.

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