7 Reasons To Go Scandinavian-Industrial

7 Reasons To Go Scandinavian-Industrial


One of the fastest rising design concepts used for apartments these days is the Scandinavian-Industrial design. Most young couples and millennials opt for this concept because it is easier to maintain and at the same time, more streamlined and straightforward.

To create the Scandi-industrial look for your living room and dining room, use neutral colors and wood together. Lighting is minimal and focused. If you wish to add a bit of color, use it as part of the furnishings or decor so that it would not be too distracting.


The living room can use a a grey brick wall as its accent feature. Texture can be added via colourful throw pillows and a geometric designed carpet. Young couples can add a bit more life and character to a Scandi-industrial home by adding some color and decor to the house.


Scandi-industrial design works the best for kitchens because it is simple and straightforward in manner. What you see is what you get and there are no extra frills to deal with. There is a sense of quiet calm in a Scandinavian designed kitchen because it is streamlined in design, even in the choice of appliances, making cooking an easy task.


A Scandi-industrial bedroom is light and warm in appeal because it is devoid of any decor apart from the basic furnishings needed. This room adds a bit of whimsical color to make the room pop and come to life. The small cabinets by the window serve as both a reading nook and storage for extra things.


Neutral tones in gray blend well with dark wood flooring. It makes the room look cozier and sophisticated in a simple manner. The lighting adds the quirkiness to the room and the geometric design of the table and night stand adds texture and depth to the space.


A Scandi-industrial walk-in closet is devoid of all the fuss and frills. It is very basic and straightforward in the sense that only large carpentry cabinets and a small sofa is available in the room. This makes the space look cleaner and more inviting in the process.


To choose a Scandi-industrial concept means having a very urban and modern bathroom in the process. The use of wood on wood carpentry gives you a design that is very stylish and chic. There is nothing in excess which makes the whole space even more beautiful.