9 HDB Beautiful Dining Rooms You Must See!

9 HDB Beautiful Dining Rooms You Must See!

1. The Host

Location. Location. Location. We can’t emphasize this enough. Having the dining area right outside the kitchen ensures that you not only have a shorter distance to carry that steaming pot of soup, but also ensures that you whet appetites as the fragrance wafts from the stove to your diners’ noses! Way to impress your guests isn’t it?

2. The Timeless and Evergreen

Here we see a classical design that transcends time. Beautiful yesterday, beautiful today, beautiful tomorrow.

3. The TV Junkie

Afraid of missing your favourite TV show? Fret not! With the dining set-up just behind the living room sofa, you can catch up on TV while chowing down at the same time.

4. At First Sight

Another location you can consider having the dining area is near the entryway to your home. Who doesn’t want to be greeted by a feast waiting for them? Kick your shoes off and sit down for a sumptuous meal, but first don’t forget to wash your hands!

5. The Warmth

Earth and woody tones provide a sense of warmth and rooting to nature. It’s hard not to feel welcomed at this dinner table!

6. The Opulent

Perhaps modern opulence is your cup of tea? Then this design will definitely suit your tastes with its mix of style and finesse.

7. The Hipster Cafe

If casual and easy going is your style, kick back and relax with this Industrial Style cafe-like theme. Comes with your own DIY (Design It Yourself) chalkboard wall too!

8. The Easy Access

Remember what we said about having easy access to and from the kitchen?

9. The Instagrammer’s Best Friend

Don’t be afraid to use mirrors even in the dining area. They create the illusion of a bigger space and helps reflect light – brightening up the space and ensuring that your food photography is evenly lit for Instagram!