9 Simple Steps To Your Dream Home

9 Simple Steps To Your Dream Home

1. It all begins when you send us your enquiry via email.

2. Firstly, we look through and understand your requirements before assigning a designer that is most suited to your preferred design style.

3. Your designer will then arrange for an appointment with you for a face to face discussion to further understand your needs.

4. After the meeting, your designer will prepare a quotation for you based on what was discussed and agreed upon at this preliminary stage. Have a look through and feel free to ask any questions.

5. Once you are happy with what is proposed and signed on the dotted line, he will take you shopping for materials such as floor tiles.

6. Based on your chosen colour and design combination, your designer will prepare a 3D mock-up of the completed project for your final approval.

7. We begin work only when you are satisfied with the proposed design.

8. During the entire project timeline, your designer will provide constant updates on the progress of the works. Sit back and relax as he manages the entire project and takes care of the nitty-gritty details such as application of permits and any other required paperwork. Your designer will also be your Go-To-Person for any enquiries

9. When the job is complete, your designer will perform a final check with you on the works and sign a handover form. From there on, it’s Home Sweet Home for you!

p.s. Don’t forget about your two year warranty period!

We won’t deny that renovating your home is a pretty big commitment. That’s why we walk you through the entire process so that the last thing you’ll break is the piggy bank.

When you sign on the contract agreement, there will be an initial deposit for the entire project. Works begin – a partial payment step comes together with this stage.

A progressive payment step is embedded in the midst of the works to help you diffuse the total cost and protect your piggy bank.

If there are carpentry works to be done for your project, another partial payment step is included.

A final payment is made when we hand over the completed project from us to you.

p.s. the only thing we recommend you to break, is into a dance as you celebrate your dream home.