9 Spectacular Modern Contemporary Pictures You’ll Fall In Love

9 Spectacular Modern Contemporary Pictures You’ll Fall In Love


A fun home is a happy home which is very apparent in this modern contemporary apartment that strongly uses the power of color to create a light and fun atmosphere in their space.

Other than color, other elements such as the attractive accent wall that bears family photos and their family motto above it also shows fun and values.


On the deck there is also a fun piece of furniture that the entire family can enjoy. The porch is lined with grass to the festive feel.


The mirrors along the wall also make the room appear bigger which is placed strategically in front of the windows to get that maximum effect.


The mini bar and the door which leads to the kitchen. Keep a door to kitchen is a great was to mask smells.


A young boys room with enough space to study and play.


Another view of the room.


The master bedroom.


The second child’s room which is elevated for more storage space.


The second outdoor porch for toys and recreation.