Amaranda Condominium

Amaranda Condominium

Every home owner has their respective preferences for their interior, for this home owner, he’d chosen wood elements to be showcased in the living area, whereas the bedrooms are modernized.

TV cabinets are designed to cater for maximised storage. In this project, our home owner prefers to have it enclosed. Simple designs like this enhances the suspended carpentry with a sleek finishing. On top of this, we’d integrated the shoe cabinet at the side of this TV cabinet. Sufficient vandilation is provided for this shoe cabinet design.

Having a mirror placed at dining areas is a common idea of most home owners. This feature wall comes with mirror pieces with beveled edges as finishing, enhancing the non-symmetrical designs of the overall carpentry.

If you dislike the idea of painting your ceilings to be a different color, you may consider having designed carpentry to be installed within the ceiling L-Box. Bed head was to be designed as low height in this project, & in between the 2 carpentry, our home owner had chosen a wall paper of his choice to have it up.

For storage beds, the more commonly seen are lift-up storages under the mattress or drawers by the sides/front. For our home owner in this project, we’d created open shelves below the storage bed to provide spaces for placement of daily reads.

Vanity cabinets in bathroom need not to be suspended in design. This vanity cabinet is flushed to ground with cement base that comes with tiles finishing. With a cement base below, home owners need not worry about your vanity cabinets being wet during wash of bathrooms.

If the spaces in your bathroom allows, you may consider the option of installing a tall unit in the bathroom itself. This allows home owners to have more storage spaces for keeping required bulky items in the bathroom.

Wall paper & decal stickers are the new in-trend for wall finishes other than the traditional finishing, which is paint. In this project we’d created a minor standout using a line of wall paper as a design. The carpentry were designed of similar colors to the wall so as to create a well blend for the whole bedroom.
Side note: Floral designs & macaroon-like colors are growing popularity among ladies recently.

For male home owners, if you prefer your bedroom to be of colors which are more dull or classic, this design is a good reference. With sleek looking designed carpentry, the black carpentry are complemented with designed laminates chosen for the cabinet & wardrobe doors.

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