Hack a HDB Flat To Get the Space You Deserve

Hack a HDB Flat To Get the Space You Deserve

If your new flat is at SkyTerrace Dawson, you will be glad to know that you are able to hack some walls to redesign your home to get the space you deserve and need for your family.

To start with, this living and dining area is spacious enough to get everyone in the family together whether to watch TV or eat dinner. The use of black and white as the main color scheme is an instant boost in achieving a modern and contemporary appeal to the home.

urban habitat Insane Hacking Of HDB Flat 3

original layout
Just by looking at the blueprint above, one can already see that each room is allotted as much space as possible. By removing portions of specific walls and installing partitions in others, more space was created in the process.
new design layout
In this project, a 4-room flat has been transformed by hacking the internal walls of one of the bedrooms to give 2 spacious bedrooms with 10.5 foot long wardrobe.

urban habitat Insane Hacking Of HDB Flat 1
The bar top kitchen looks like the perfect setting for a cafe. Very hip and modern, it is everything that an urban homeowner would want for a counter top. The geometric design enhanced the texture of the counter top and the way the wall has been designed gave it a 3D illusion of looking into a picture frame.
urban habitat Insane Hacking Of HDB Flat 2
The entryway into the kitchen is also a 3D illusion. Because of the painting on the wall that looks attached to the doors, depth was instantly created. The designer also added writing to the wall inside the kitchen like that of the bar top.
urban habitat Insane Hacking Of HDB Flat 4
Black shelves in the living area served two functions. One as the TV feature wall and the other is to house the home decors for the finishing touch. The choice to use black wood gave the room quite a modern luxurious feel to it. The color scheme is just absolutely perfect for this HDB flat because of its chic look.
urban habitat Insane Hacking Of HDB Flat 5
The foyer may look narrow, but because the designer used white as the main color, the space looked wider than it really is. Adding frames to parts of the walls and doors added the texture that would be severely lacking if this area was just painted white. Adding picture frames in the same color scheme made the space pop out.
urban habitat Insane Hacking Of HDB Flat 6
The masters’ bedroom is all things elegant and luxurious. Just by looking at it, you already get a feeling that the room was patterned after a high-end hotel or a bedroom of an A-list actor. A grandiose chandelier serves as the lighting, while heavy drapes keep the sunlight from streaming in. White walls on white parquet flooring give the classy look to the room. Carvings on the upper portion of the walls provide the character and texture.
urban habitat Insane Hacking Of HDB Flat 7
Even the cabinets have their own character. The handles are quite glamorous, just perfect for the ceiling to floor design of the cabinets. By keeping the same white color, the designer was able to ensure that all spaces blended with each other without the awkwardness that normally comes with it.
urban habitat Insane Hacking Of HDB Flat 8
The children’s room also adhered to the same black and white theme, but the designer made sure to make it appeal to the senses of the children who use the room. By adding elements on the wall, and using a one of a kind double-deck bed, the bedroom looked more appealing to a kid. A pop of color was included so as not to make the space look too boring.
urban habitat Insane Hacking Of HDB Flat 9
The designer was generous with the use of additional elements to add texture and character in every area of the room, including the cabinets. Because of this, the bedroom did not lose its playfulness that is always associated to a child’s room.