Amazing HDB Dining Area With Beauty And Practicality
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Amazing HDB Dining Area With Beauty And Practicality

Home is where the heart is, and so is this HDB dining area with beauty and practicality. Basically, the whiteness of the house and furniture has that contemporary vibe to it, cozy and welcoming after a long day of work, hard to resist.

Moreover, the house is really practical and minimalistic. The colors give us visually the impression of being in a spacious house, this feeling is also encouraged by the minimalistic contemporary design. For example, the kitchen takes a very little space, enough for people who only cook for pleasure, or when they are not working, with a table close-by. There is also a mirror on the wall to provide more space with its reflection.

There is also a beautiful and cozy living room for all the times you spend watching your favorite movie, reading your book, holding your lover in between your arms, or playing X-Box with your kids. The choice of the couch is perfect, big and comfy, but still aesthetically pleasing.

This bedroom with its king size bed, slightly light lightning, and comfortable color is a perfect place to relax, and always come back.

The kid’s room is also a great choice, a mixture of children’s favorite characters, but also with a sense of safety wherein there is nothing that can harm your kids.


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