Amazing Loft Bedroom You’ll Wish You Had Right Now

Amazing Loft Bedroom You’ll Wish You Had Right Now


Don’t be afraid to play with other hues and textures especially when it comes to rugs and furniture. This shaggy rug is perfect for any home and the color is a nice neutral tone that goes well with other colors.


There’s just something about a light hued home that feels so spacious and comfortable to be in. Perhaps it’s the laid-back feel, the un-pretentiousness of the home or the amount of space.


White paired with a very light color such as brown, cream, canary yellow are great combinations if you are hoping to achieve a very light and laid back home.


As seen in this home, these colors can be incorporated in certain areas such as the stairs, chairs and little details all over the house. Just keep in mind that white is the dominating color.


Although it is preferable to use tile or marble kitchen tops at home, wooden acetates can still be used but they do require a little bit more care. However, they are a great complimentary piece especially in the kitchen.