Author: Design Chapterz

1 Modern Scandinavian apartments quite a few yet considered as one of the best designed homes whenever you ask an interior designer. This is because of the pristine yet urban feel the design concept exudes to anyone who steps into an apartment such as this. The living area of this 4-room HDB has all the elements of the Modern Scandinavian design. From the onset, one can automatically see that only the basic furnishings that are the essentials of Scandinavian concept complemented with pops of color at key areas make the space modern enough without looking too boring.

1 More and more people are using the Scandinavian design in their homes because it is sleeker and streamlined in look and feel. There are times when homeowners tweak the concept to make the design more to their liking. This home fused both modern and Scandinavian themes to come up with a perfect looking apartment. The living room is absolutely fantastic. From the onset, you know that it is Scandinavian because it is straightforward. There are no decors, only the basic furnishings. White is also the major color used. What made it modern is the choice of color for the sofa and the carpet as well as the coffee table. The plants are the only decors to this area, just to ensure that there is no dead space.