Author: Inzz Studio

1 Homeowners and designers go through several meetings just to collaborate on the perfect design of the house. Several options and layouts are presented as well as materials and color schemes that would best suit the design theme and personality of the owner. One of the most common materials used is wood and dark brown with its complementary colors as the color scheme. Brown however is a color that owners shy away from because it can look boring and old. This house proves otherwise, though. The living area is rich in dark wood carpentry and beige undertones. The look and finish then is very high-end as well as elegant. The TV wall made use of wood that is cut through by lines, elongating the look of the television while matching the dark brown console underneath. To make the whole area more appealing, a large sofa in light brown and a grey rug was incorporated.

1 It is never easy to design the home that you want to have when you are on a shoestring budget. That is why it is important to consult a designer who can help you achieve your dream home without having to go over your allotted budget. The living and dining areas merge flawlessly as if it were the most natural thing there is. The TV feature wall of the living area made the television set pop out because of the wood panels. The mirror of the dining area on the other hand, reflected the whole space, creating a 3D illusion of depth. The marble flooring expressed a feeling of modern elegance.

1 One of the major challenges of designing a home is the lack of space. This is why interior designers come up with a lot of unique solutions to make an apartment look like it is bigger than it actually is. It has always been more difficult to work with limited space than it is to design a larger area. One way to make your living room look bigger is to employ 3D illusion to the area. Use glass shelves and cabinets that will double the reflection of the area. Another way is to use monotone colors that will enhance the use of the glass shelves. White will be one of the perfect color schemes to use.