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masterbedroom The masters’ bedroom features dark wood panels and yellow lighting that is inviting and relaxing at the same time. A large, chocolate brown, double cabinet serves  as both a partition to the main bedroom and a walk-in closet of sorts. It creates the illusion of bigger space in the room and adds more life to an otherwise dead corner.
stylerider 5 The moment you walk into this 3-BR unit, there is a sense of calm comfort that can be felt in the living room. It was designed in a way that is a mix of modern and urban with a hint of Scandi-inudstrial. The pieces of furniture have been picked quite carefully to ensure that nothing clashes. The hanging flat screen TV is a great accent to the white walls that dominate the room.
stylerider modern kitchen 1 For this apartment in Yishun, the designer has created more than enough kitchen storage on both sides according to the needs of the homeowner. 
stylerider contemporary office room 2 Even though this room is less than 60 sqft, the designer has managed to build a storage cabinet with floating study table and chair. The bay window even comes with a cushion seat for relaxing! 
stylerider modern office 3 Who’s to say that an office room cannot get a little unique touch and look different than most sterile and boring offices? In this case, the designer has made the office to look like a little bistro and some Western style restaurant.