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urban habitat pan boathouse nursery 1 The nursery is a slight departure from the vivid and pastel colors used for the rest of the interior. The signature mark is the “faux sky”, achieved by finishing a wall in black and adding LED lights mimicking stars. 
urban-habitat-kitchen-countertops-kompact-panel 1 KompacPanel is a wood countertop that is gaining popularity in recent years due to its sleekness and safety properties. Highly fire resistant, KompacPanel is also stain and microorganism resistant. But the best part is, the material is just 6mm thick, making it sleek and unique in its own way. 
urban habitat kitchen granite 2 When it comes to material for the kitchen countertop, homeowners choose between solid surfaces, synthetic materials or natural materials. In the category of natural materials and stones, granite, marble and quarts are among the popular choices and each one has its own benefits and weaknesses. 
urban habitat kitchen surface 1 One element of the kitchen that is often overlooked is the kitchen countertop. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to choose solid surface as it's cheaper.  It comes in two grades, polyester resin and acrylic. 

If your new flat is at SkyTerrace Dawson, you will be glad to know that you are able to hack some walls to redesign your home to get the space you deserve and need for your family. To start with, this living and dining area is...