Author: Urban Habitat

urban habitat modern scandinavian living area This HDB BTO 5-room flat has quite a lot of surprising features that will instantly make any person giddy with excitement. One look alone will tell you that it is of Scandinavian design and luxurious in appeal space. The living area is basic and clean in design. Only the essential furnishings such as the comfortable sofa and television set are visible. The floating cabinet gives the character to the whole room as it livens up the living area. It was ingenious of the designer to use wood as the material for the cabinet because it added that hint of mystery and spark of richness to the space.

urban habitat retro living area The 70s, 80s and 90s are making a big comeback in fashion in the past years, and now, the retro style is getting its fair share of appreciation in the interior design as well. And while interior designers cannot go all retro, they can always add a twist of retro to the apartments they design. This apartment is an amazing example. The living area is full of color and just oozing with character. The walls are printed in retro decor and the photos of retro cartoons gave life  to the room. Even the furnishings and decor are retro in look and design.

The owner of this chic and urban home was very specific that she wanted a minimalist look for her apartment. Nothing fancy, just simple yet classy in every angle. To achieve this, the designer made use of timber in a light color to produce an interesting, playful and urban environment. The carpentry works of the interior made a huge impact in the overall design of this home.