Balinese Resort Design @ The Serennia Condo

Balinese Resort Design @ The Serennia Condo

It is hard to even paint or draw an exotic place, but decorate your entire apartment like an exotic island? That is a challenge anyway you put it.

What the décor manages is to evoke the feeling you are somewhere away from reality, on a mythical and exotic island, lying on the beach and enjoying your time.

How the designer managed to achieve his goal? Well, for starters, a palm tree inside the living room tends to give that impression. But more importantly, the usage of quality wood has brought a certain warm and comfortable feeling that most beaches have.

And in the same time, the designer manages to keep the place luxurious, modern and not looking like a cottage.

The use of mirrors plays a large part in the interior design, and even some of the furniture elements have a reflective effect.

The bedroom is definitely the epitome of relaxing environment, where the only thing lacking is a canopy bed frame.