Beautiful Dry Kitchen At Straits View Residences
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Beautiful Dry Kitchen At Straits View Residences

More often than not, owners are left with using the stairs as a storage cabinet for unwanted things. After all, there’s not much you can do with the space under the stairs. This is untrue for this apartment, however. The space was uncannily used as the kitchen.

The door to the storage cabinet is still there but partially hidden by a kitchen countertop. From the kitchen design alone, one can already conclude that the owner and designer focused on a Victorian theme for this home. White on white walls and flooring with dainty, and delicate furnishings and decor as the finishing touch.

The cupboards and shelves also exude a Victorian appeal. The gold handles are a perfect combination with the white storage compartments. The light blue wall blends well with the area giving the space a charming vibe, making one actually want to cook. The big windows provide adequate natural lighting to the space, a charming effect that is just lovely.

The bedroom looks like it was taken straight out of a romantic, cheesy movie. The white background is an ideal solution for an interior where flowers are added via wallpaper, pillows and other objects. The designer adds texture to the smooth interior via the furniture elements. The choice of dainty, elegant decor such as the night lamps add even more femininity to the room.

One of the best furnishings in the bedroom is the white television console where the appliance is placed. This small space used to be a dead spot in the room, but because of the console and the lamp stand, the area became more alive and vibrant. Again, the designers adhered to the Victorian theme to remain consistent with the overall look of the home.

The bedroom has a walk-in closet, still in all white to get the pristine, classy finish it wishes to exude. Even the boxes where the accessories are placed are also in white. The number of cabinets and shelves are not lacking, so clutter is not going to be an issue.


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