Beautiful Open Concept Kitchen At Euphony Gardens

Beautiful Open Concept Kitchen At Euphony Gardens

Right from the moment you step into the apartment, you can see that contrast is the main theme of it. The designer uses contrast through materials, textures and colors to make a clear distinction between the two floors.

While the first one is more modern and smooth, the second one is urban, rugged, cheerful and vivid. The brick texture of the second floor is an excellent complement to the modern, smooth interior of the first one.


What is also impressive is how the designer has created corners and separate rooms in an open concept environment. The sum is greater than the parts is a premise that fits this environment.

That doesn’t mean that the individual parts are not stunning. The kitchen, for example, looks rather simple, but when you start looking at all the subtle elements, such as the jars, the wine block and the flower pot, they all give it life, character and style.

The bathroom is a small sample of what the designer does in the whole interior. As in the open concept environment, the designer sticks two different and opposite textures one to another.

The smooth tiles are again the modern section, while the urban aspect is the brick wall and mosaic.