Beauty In Interior Design Can Be Natural

Beauty In Interior Design Can Be Natural

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The living room on the extreme side is set with white leathers seats and a small portable white table in-between. Next to the center table a small area is set with raised dark shinny stools which you can use to relax or take some wine. The living room floors takes a blended color that controls all the colors within the living room.

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Just in front of the serving area sits a simple table with four seats. The room is set with bright walls with one natural wall paper on the side, three light over the dining table and a fourth light over the serving area.

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The kitchen takes a dull but attractive color with part of the wall fixed with attractive grey tiles. It is set with raised black shinny stools, fixed gas cooker and fixed shelves. The fridge comes in and takes the color of the fixed cupboards with the floor blending all the colors.

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The bed takes a center position in the bed room with a dim light fixed directly over the bed. The walls are bright at some point but fixed with dull color wardrobes .The floor is dull but attractive with the bed covered with clean attractive purple cover and pillows.

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The wash room is set with fixed shower that is shinny in color with a raised part below it, the walls have white tile fixed over them. The bathroom is controlled by white toilet and a fixed side for tissue paper. Bathing towels are all natural colors to match the surrounding.