Bedroom Designs That Focus On Comfort And Style

Bedroom Designs That Focus On Comfort And Style

Studies reveal that a person spend minimally 8 hours a day in their bedroom. Therefore De Style Interior also focuses on the design and layout of your bedroom, ensuring maximum comfort and style.

Sink into a blissful sleep in these comfortable and cosy bedrooms. This bedroom features a large leather bed with an extended leather headboard. The beige, white and dark timber colour scheme is simple and elegant. Built-in floating side tables on either side of the bed are backed with large framed mirrors creating the idea of more space. The timber-panelled wall in front of the bed has a mounted TV and a low entertainment console.

Neutral shades of beige and white open up these bedrooms. Natural birch wooden panels are used as accents. Large windows with window seats make perfect reading or relaxing spots. Adequate built-in storage helps keep the rooms neat and clutter-free.

In this compact room the clever use of panels of tinted mirror is the highlight. The mirrors create an illusion of space, while the tint offers privacy. The combination of brown and black adds rich warmth to this room. Even matching lamp tables are built in making best use of all available space.