Best Of The Best Ideas For Small Apartment
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Best Of The Best Ideas For Small Apartment


Living in a small apartment has become the trend in latest years. Due to the high price of large apartments, people are learning how to adjust to the way of living in a small apartment. But don’t worry, we have some ideas for visual and practical enlargement of your small apartment.

1. Red and White Contrast


Contrast plays a huge role in designing small apartments. In most cases, people opt for black and white combination. And while the combination might work great in large apartments, in small apartments the need for color and vividness is high.

One way to tweak things up is to use red instead of black. A white and red combination is powerful, vivid, playful and visually appealing.

2. Wall Graphic Details


In small apartments, it is very important to visually trick the eye. If the eye can focus on several different elements in the room, the visual outlook will be that the space is bigger than it actually is. How to achieve this effect?

One way is to add wall graphic details. In modern apartments, graphic details fit nicely in the interior style. Graphics are visually appealing, and their simplicity doesn’t crowd and overwhelms the interior.

3. Loft Bed


When you think of loft bed, you usually think of two tier beds in the children’s room? Well, loft beds can be great solution for the living room in small apartments as well.

In order to place a loft bed, you must have the required height in the room. One idea is to place a sofa under the bed. This way, your living area has all the necessary elements for proper function, and once the night has come, you can just climb the stairs and go to bed.

4. Vivid colors


In small apartments adding colour is vital to the visual aspect. More precisely speaking, adding vivid colors. Some options include sunny yellow, orange and red. All three are vivid colours that bolster energy levels.

However, it is important to keep things to minimal level. When you add vivid colors as these in your apartment, stick to details and small objects such as chair seating, pillows, accessories and similar.

5. Bedroom privacy
One aspect that is often overlooked in tiny apartments is the bedroom, or more importantly, bedroom privacy. Since there is little to no space, people usually remove the wall, and the bedroom is part of the living area.

One way you can add privacy in your bedroom is with drapers. They do not eat space, and can be closed and open at any time.

6. Drawer style apartment


In the past few years, drawer style apartments have been a huge hit. People have learnt to live in 20 to 30 square meters. The key to making this successful and comfortable living space is everything to be like Lego cubes.

The bedroom can have drawers, hidden storage space and much more. When decorating a small apartment, think and try to add as many hidden drawers as possible.

7. Take advantage of the height
What small apartments lack in width, they more than make up in height. It is an unwritten rule for small apartments to be vertical. And once presented with the opportunity, it is up to you to take full advantage of the height. What this means in the real world?

Practically, it means that you should not leave free space up to the ceiling. When you shop for a wardrobe, look for one that will be as tall as your wall. You can buy smaller in width, but taller wardrobe.

It will have to be custom made, but it is well worth the price. If you can even make it built in, you’ve saved space for a full room.

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