Black & White @ 27 Sturdee Road

Black & White @ 27 Sturdee Road

Playing only with black and white is tricky, especially when you need to emphasize the lines, the forms and the shapes in the room. The risk for assimilation in the space is always present.

One way to separate objects in black and white combination is with strong, bold lines that are not thin, but just thick enough to distinguish objects.

Another option is to add interesting, unconventional and inspiring objects in the space. Play with small forms, and put them as details to focus the attention to a single corner.

The third one is to add some bold, refreshing colors. And you can see all three in one living room and hallway.

There are few variations of the living room, and each and single one has its own strengths. The cream one looks luxurious, elegant and bright. The black and white with pictures on the wall is the dramatic one, while the cream with separate beds offers innovation.