Classic Scandinavian Concept @ Woodleigh Condo
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Classic Scandinavian Concept @ Woodleigh Condo

Scandinavian concepts are gradually well accepted by home owners now in this industry, but most people have the misconception that scandinavian are heavy on colors schemes like brown, beige & white. In this apartment, we show you a lighter color scheme, yet we deliver the scandinavian theme to its fullest!

Introducing the color “TIffany Blue” into the flat is a daring choice when it comes to scandinavian theme. Using it at appropriate places will provide a heavy plus point for the interior it it matches, over usage of such light colors will cause the whole picture to flop.

For this apartment, the focus is on the carpentry whereby we use off white textured-looking laminates to create the scandinavian feel, & we match it against classic colors like white to show an outstand. Not only these, the doors were changed to match the theme better.

Minor details are often overlooked by designers/home owners, as many only places their focus on the respective works such as carpentry, ceiling, tiling etc. For us, we are coming from a design perspective whereby we propose realistic proposals which you can keep for your dream home for the longest time you may even expect.

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