Clean Modern Scandinavian Design At Foresque Residences

Clean Modern Scandinavian Design At Foresque Residences

Using different shades of white the designer has achieved what is the main goal here, to make everything look as pure and as simple as possible.

With different shades, the designer creates layering effect of the room, but in the same time, keeps the environment clean and bright.

The designer employs floating storage cabinet units for both the shoe cabinet and the TV cabinet. This floating effect helps achieving airy feel of the room. In the same time, by using simple design and lines, the designer stays true to the simplicity as his main goal.

The shoe cabinet has the same design as the TV cabinet, with a small difference. In the shoe cabinet, the designer installs display niche, for sculptures, decorations or anything interesting.

The TV cabinet is also floating, but it doesn’t touch the ceiling as well. This “flying” effect, combined with the sky like ceiling, creates the illusion and the impression of a bigger space, since it adds depth to the condo unit.

Last, but not least, the designer had to introduce some dash of colour and zest to the room. In all white design, the designers opts for green ottoman in the center of the living area.