Completed HDB Resale Executive Apartment At Blk 192 Punggol Central
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Completed HDB Resale Executive Apartment At Blk 192 Punggol Central

First thing to notice in the living room is the use of different textures on the walls. For example, while the TV feature wall features wood as a background, the opposite wall features a rugged texture.

It is the perfect contrast. In between, there are clear smooth walls. The different textures give character to the spacious room with big furniture pieces.

One of the more interesting elements in the apartment is the hoax wall between the dining room and the kitchen. The wall made just with wooden frames and is transparent, and while it separates the two rooms, you still see through it which creates an optical illusion of bigger space.

Faux walls are a trick that the designer has used in the bedroom as well. The difference is that in the bedroom, the wall is very much real, but it is not finished. This way, the designer has left an entry into a wardrobe room. The trick works wonderfully for separation.

The office room is also separated by a transparent, glass made wall and is linked with the hallway.

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