Contemporary Design Ideas That Maximise Small Spaces
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Contemporary Design Ideas That Maximise Small Spaces


The living room is of large size, featuring built in entertainment unit. This living room is open planned and goes on to lead into the kitchen area. This living room also has plenty of storage cupboards.

The bedroom is a double master bedroom with great design which features a colour tone of different shades of blacks, whites, silvers and greys. It has large bay windows maximising the amount of light being let into the room there is plenty of built in storage cupboards.

A large kitchen using a mixture or silk white’s and dark woods for the units, offers not only space and practicality but also style. With plenty of storage space under the counter, there is also more than enough storage space from the cupboards overhead.

Another large bay window in the studio, reduces the need for electric lighting in this room, plenty of storage space and work surfaces with plenty of room to move about.

Featuring a walk in shower, this bathroom is of medium size with plenty of storage space both under the sink and behind the toilet, beautifully designed, the mirrors and décor add a contemporary feel to this bathroom.

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