Contemporary Feel For Your Precious Home

Contemporary Feel For Your Precious Home

design chapterz Eco Sanctuary living
The living room of your house not only is a relaxing space which is used to welcome guests it also is a projection of your style and creative skills. The presence of a lounge chair just in front of your Television provides you an ideal place to have your coffee and unwind the day with a little entertainment.

The unconventional combination of white and brown lends a contemporary feel to your precious space without losing the traditional touch as well. Keeping minimal furniture not only makes the living room look spacious it also reflects the utmost care you have taken to lend it the elegance it is portraying.

design chapterz Eco Sanctuary loft bed
The dining area shown here is luxurious but in quite a minimalistic manner. The table of four takes centre stage in a corner and blends well into the brown striped finish provided to the area.

A beautiful view of the outside world from the table gives you the impression and feel of dining in a world-class restaurant. The loft bed lends a colonial touch to the room and acts as a small place to store your precious things, spend some quality time or just finish your official work without any disturbance.

design chapterz Eco Sanctuary bedroom
A unique combination of different shades of brown gives your bedroom the ultimate warm and glowing look. The mirror placed just right next to the bed merges into the entire setup and grants a vibrancy and strength to the ambience of the room. The windows to this room are a getaway to another world and the times spent here are the most special moments of your hectic day.

The beautiful chandelier is a reflection of the elegance of this room, a blend of the same with the furniture gives a lasting impression of your unique taste and class when it comes to decorating your house.