Contemporary Luxury @ Watermark Condominium
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Contemporary Luxury @ Watermark Condominium

The llving room

Situated at Rodyk Street, just off Mohammad Sultan Road, our designers Jeslyn and Elson got to work on a luxurious 3 bedroom condominium at the Watermark. We won’t say too much, but let the pictures do the talking.

An abundance of light and many artificial light sources make sure there is never a lack of light in any of the rooms in the apartment. The artificial light sources, combined with the sky effect on the ceiling give the space a contemporary touch.

In essence, the designer sticks to simplicity, trying to give a unique touch and feeling to environment thanks to the light sources. With so many light sources, the light reflects, and creates different shades and colors, and with that, it makes the rooms interesting and unique.

While simplicity is a theme, another theme is texture, and how one can play with it. We can see textured walls in both the living room and the master bedroom. Texture is a huge part of contemporary designs these days, and it has been executed perfectly here.

The trick with adding texture is to follow the overall design of the room, not shadow it. In this case, the textured walls complement the room. And even the bathroom has a different texture wall which again doesn’t pop, but follow the flow.

The master bedroom

The textured feature wall and bed-side dresser

The sleek and efficient kitchen design

The bathroom

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