Contemporary Luxury with Ample Storage
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Contemporary Luxury with Ample Storage

In the master bedroom the designer has also added a faux wall to make a small separation between the bed and a small cabinet corner. The TV feature wall is another faux wall in the bedroom, serving this time to separate the room from the walk in wardrobe.

The essence of the design style is contemporary. However, while most contemporary designs focus on simplicity, in this case, the focus is on luxury and storage.

Take the living area for example. Installing a full horizontal TV feature wall has allowed the designer to add tons of storage, but also pack the cabinet with display niches for luxury sculptures and decorations.

The TV feature wall/cabinet spans through the whole living area. In some places, the feature wall stands firm on the ground, but on others, it is floating. It is an interesting and unique decoration in any case. The ladder on the end is a nice touch as well.

The master bedroom is another example how the designer adds luxury into a simple design. The example here is the headboard of the bed, which has the nightstands integrated within it.


All other bedrooms in the apartment are decorated in a way to add ample storage through cabinets and shelves. In the first one, the designer adds a full TV feature wall/cabinet with lots of shelves and display niches.

In the second bedroom, the designer manages to add storage by integrating the bed with a cabinet and desk.

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