Contemporary Prestigious Landed Home

Contemporary Prestigious Landed Home

Think of the iPhone and how sleek, beautiful and modernistic it looks. Well, when it comes to homes, this one is the iPhone in its full glow.

Sleek, modern, clean, and prestigious in the same time the house glows with subtle luxury and elegance.

The moment you enter the house, and you see your reflection in the high gloss furniture, you know you’ve entered the world where social status is expressed by subtle luxury.

Prestige is important, but it is always hard to find the perfect balance. Some people overdo it, and it is glitz and glamour all around it. But that is not the case here. The goal here is to create simple, but elegant environment that screams wealth.

And the designer succeeds in it. In the same time, the design is not dull and boring. Every corner of the house has an element that appeals the eye or disrupts the monochrome and boring environment of the white background.

Glass and mirrors are heavily used, and it is not by accident. Mirrors are one of the best ways to add prestige and luxury to the room.