Cosiness in a Contemporary Concept At Bluwaters
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Cosiness in a Contemporary Concept At Bluwaters

Breath taking. This is how I would personally describe this heaven on earth home at Bluwaters. Modernly decorated with a hint of art, this lovely, cosy and contemporary home is one of a kind in it’s own unique way.

The romantic feeling from the dim yet modern lighting makes you feel nothing but right at home and the mirrors on the dining hall wall not only gives you the chance to check out your appearance before that big date, but also gives you the feeling of having an ample space.

The hall is also fully equipped with air conditioning and a TV where a simple black 3 seater sofa blends in with the soft colours of the house.


Hard wood floors always gives the kind of cosiness you would want to step back into after a long day at work or after a great date night and that’s exactly what the bedroom of this home does to you – relax. Besides being equipped with a comfy, multipurpose bed which opens up to be an extra storage area for luggages or beddings, the room also comes with a projector and a mighty big screen! Talk about spicing up movie nights, huh?

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