Cozy Contemporary At The Tampines Trilliant

Cozy Contemporary At The Tampines Trilliant

Starting from the living area, the designer has conveniently separated the living area from the entry hall by placing a shoe cabinet.

Going from the floor to the ceiling, the shoe cabinet provides the perfect border for people who do not want to enter the living area from the entry door.

With a display niche in the middle, the cabinet is also nice option for placing some luxurious decorations. Going back to those urban elements, the living room also features a piano corner where owners can relax.

One of the underrated elements of the interior in the living area, are the small floating corner shelves placed just where the TV feature wall ends.

The term “urban jungle” is one that we hear more and more in recent years. The term stands for a peaceful, comfortable and calming place in the chaotic jungle created by the modern dynamics of living.

Such is the case in the apartment as well. Conveniently decorated to provide peace and calmness to its homeowners, the modern setting has some urban elements, as well as luxurious touches.

Once you get out to the balcony, you get the sense of what the designer has tried to achieve with the decoration. Faux grass on the floor is the perfect option to bring nature, and calming atmosphere.

Add in some vintage wooden chairs and desk, and you get the sense you are out in the nature, not home.

The bedroom has been decorated in a way that can also serve as an office room with a small corner for your laptop. That is what the urban jungle term really stands out.