Cozy Suburban Home

Cozy Suburban Home


If you live in the city but still crave for that touch of the country life, this design aspect is the perfect choice for you. This design is really great if you’re looking for a low maintenance design that doesn’t require you follow so many design rules and just have fun with your space.



One thing that makes a home extremely cozy and country like definitely the use of dark wood which you can use on tables and desks. If you like in a small space, instead of using large and bulky chairs opt for lightweight steel chairs that come in dark colors to keep the cozy and laid back vibe.


Wooden planks are an interesting way to make a room look interesting and it sure does not cost soo much. This particular loft or double deck design is certain unique and interesting if you don’t mind making such permanent changes to your space.


The living room which leads to the kitchen.


The master bedroom.