Creative and Innovative Design At Hougang Condo

Creative and Innovative Design At Hougang Condo

In this bedroom, the designer shows his wit for adding extra space and storage where there is none. While leave the wall with window naked, here, the designer has used the space for an extra seating and storage.

While black is rarely recommended, here it fits ideally with the silver background.

Both the girl and boy bedroom have the same concept, with a desk made next to the bed. The difference is in the colour schemes, as the girl room looks more dramatic thanks to the dark black colour.

You can see tons of creative ideas in the interior design of the apartment. But let’s start from the living area.

In the living area you get an optical illusion that the TV feature wall is a built in wall, which makes you think that the space is bigger than it actually is.

All the designer had to do to achieve this goal is decorate the ceiling over the TV wall in a different pattern. But it works wonders.