Creative Ways to Make Small Space Unique

Creative Ways to Make Small Space Unique

When you operate with a small space, there are several ways to make it look unique and special. One of them is by adding signature visual elements, something that is done in this case.

Starting from the living room, where the designer creates a unique TV feature wall with brick background as a texture element. Adding unique shelves in between is as good as it gets.

Add in a ladder that can be also used for storage, and you have an element in the home you will instantly fall in love with.

The designer has separated the kitchen with the living area with a glass panel that is not fully from the floor to the ceiling. Instead, to maximize the space, the designer installs kitchen elements all the way to the panel, and just adds glass on the top.

A small bar like top with wines on both sides is another great visual element in the living area.

In the bedroom, the designer again uses the same trick with the brick texture for a feature wall. But as a whole, the bedroom is rich with texture and elements.

Placing the bed on a small wooden platform is a nice way to add some storage underneath it. To top it all, the designer adds a small horizontal mirror opposite the bed.