Curtains Vs Roller Blinds – Which Should You Choose?
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Curtains Vs Roller Blinds – Which Should You Choose?

With so many products available on the market, different colors, patterns and styles, choosing the right curtain or roller bind for your room is matter of art. With so many products, you might waste your time and money on a product you do not want, or doesn’t fit your style. We will try to break down the differences and similarities between curtains and roller blinds.

We hope that will help you make an informative decision. Both have their strengths and weakness, and you should always base the decision on the way you want to use the room.

Curtains can be used in several ways. For example, you can use curtains to frame your window, layer your room, or you can use them to add texture, movement and warmth to the room.

Traditionally, curtains are used in bedrooms and living rooms for their aesthetics. The most appealing aspect of the curtains is their visual appealing, as they can be made with different motives and prints, such as floral or folk inspired prints.

In recent years, the shift in approach when it comes to curtains is towards beautiful fabrics and softness, moving away from the minimalism and curtains without prints. Curtains tend to provide more relaxed and homey feeling, making the room looks comfortable and cozy.

The downside of curtains is that moisture, sun and pollutants can damage them. However, human care is the bigger problem, as most problems are the result of improper handling of the fabrics.

Roller Blinds


There are three main strengths of the roller blinds. First and foremost, they are great for sun control. Second, they are excellent when it comes to effectiveness and help in reducing electricity consumption. And third, they offer the best privacy.

There are different styles and designs, to the point you are bound to find one that fits your style the most. And what is more importantly, roller blinds are timeless. Due to their simplicity and durability, roller blinds survive the test of time without problems.

When it comes to the factor “Noise”, curtains are much better choice than roller blinds. For starters, curtains tend to absorb different noises. If your windows are close to a main road, curtains will help a lot in absorbing the noise from the outside world.

Roller blinds, on the other hand, can make a lot of noises. This is especially bothersome when it gets windy. During the night, if it gets windy, the noise produced from the roller blinds can hamper your good night’s sleep.

It is hard to compare the price, since there are variety of options for both roller blinds and curtains. However, the general rule of thumb is that curtains are the cheaper option. The cheapest curtain will always be cheaper than the cheapest roller blind. The most expensive curtain will also be cheaper than the most expensive roller blind. Or, to put it in other words, for the same price, you get more value with curtains.



This is a tricky section. Some prefer the curtains, since they can be just put in a washing machine and then dried. Roller blinds, on the other hand, need to wipe away with a cloth. And the space between the blinds requires special attention.

However, if you take it from a different approach, maintenance for roller blinds will take less time, as you can wipe them with a cloth in a matter of minutes, and you won’t waste electricity while doing so. With curtains, however, while the procedure is simpler, it will require much more time, and you do need to waste electricity and washing powder.

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