Dazzling Modern Design With Artistic Touches

Dazzling Modern Design With Artistic Touches

It is very appealing when a designer mixes two styles that are very opposite of one other. While the basic style here is modern, the addition of artistic and traditional/vintage elements is what catches the eye.

On one side, visitors are greeted with lots of art elements, be it sculptures, writings on the wall, or modern and unique chandeliers in the dining room.

However, on the other hand, the vintage elements such as the wooden fan is what keeps the place cozy, it provides warmth and comfort.

Another thing that impresses is how the designer has managed to achieve so much, with so little. It is not easy to work with small spaces, but there is a flow that takes the guest from one room to another without any obstacles in the way.

In the end, we can only conclude that the writings in the bedroom is what truly maters, and as they were written for this apartment. Really, ‘love like there is no tomorrow’ and ‘follow your dreams’. Good things happen in those cases.

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