Design Ideas @ Segar Road

Design Ideas @ Segar Road

What makes this apartment so unique is the lack of a TV feature wall, and a TV in general. But that doesn’t make the living area less beautiful or entertaining. On the contrary, the living area is a museum in its own way, with countless sculptures and objects put on display in the glass cabinet.

It is clear from the looks of the apartment that is one designed for sophisticated homeowners. The glass cabinet is just one example. The colors of the apartment, light brown and silver are two of the colors mostly associated with sophisticated design.

Silver is especially used in sophisticated décor, as the color always delivers sleek and premium look.

The bedroom is the perfect example how the two colors, that many believe are not compatible one with another, can work. All you need is to hit the right, ideal shades, and the result is stunning.

Flowers and plants also play huge role in the interior design of the apartment. Since both light brown and silver are “dull” and lifeless colors, the flowers add character, style and playfulness to the décor of the apartment.