Design Tips For Small Spaces At Hedges Park

Design Tips For Small Spaces At Hedges Park

When operating with small and tight spaces, a designer has to be creative. In this case, we see few tricks that are common in small spaces, but they are executed to perfection, and the final result is a stunning environment.

In the living area, the TV cabinet is actually a large, floor to ceiling, wall to wall cabinet. This uses all the wall space, but it also adds enough storage for all the elements.

Just next to the TV feature wall, we get a wall with floating shelves. Floating shelves help add space for decorations, but do not crowd the flooring of the apartment.

The dining area also features a large cabinet, but with display niche. The finishing of the cabinet in the dining room is made from MDF high gloss material, making it shiny and reflective.

Combined with the illumination, the cabinet makes the dining room as royal as possible.

The bedroom also features a TV, with small floating shelves above it, and built in display niches in the TV feature wall.