Do Not Accept Your Renovation Quote Before You Consider These 3 Factors!

Do Not Accept Your Renovation Quote Before You Consider These 3 Factors!

Designing and doing up your dream home can cause some jitters. You’ll have a lot of concerns going through your head at once – “Does this design work for my home?” “Is it practical?” “Can I hack this wall?” But perhaps the biggest question of it all “How much is it going to cost me?”

We all know that money and resources are finite and nobody wants to break their piggy bank if at all possible. At HomeVista, we receive enquiries on an occasional basis about our pricing range.

Our answer? It’s pretty hard for us to give you a price tag off the bat for your renovation. Multiple factors affect the cost of renovations and here we’d like to cover most (if not all) of them.

1. Size matters

Simply put, a larger floor area to tile up, or a larger wardrobe requires more materials – and more materials mean an increase in cost.

For example, an 8 feet wardrobe may fit snuggly into a new 3-room BTO’s master bedroom, but in a 5-room executive apartment, that same wardrobe may leave you with excess space that is unfilled – and upsizing it will definitely result in additional costs.

2. Sticks and stones

Different types of materials have different costs. Take for example, kitchen counter tops. You could go for a full quartz counter top. While classy on the outlook, it may not necessarily be the most economical option that you are seeking.

A KompacPlus top on the other hand, breaks you away from the limitation of rock-like designs, but may not stand up to heat as well as a granite surface.

3. Design style

Depending on the style and theme of your home, you would want everything to blend in as much as possible. In country style concepts, a lot of workmanship goes into the carpentry, detailing and styling as compared to a minimalist concept of simply just using laminate over wood.

The intricacy of these designs and details will skew the price towards the higher-end. Other minute design aspects that can cause changes in the price would be for example kitchen cabinet doors – A door with a piece of glass incorporated to it would cost more to fabricate than merely just the plain door.

So, how would you know what’s it going to cost you? At HomeVista, our designer will understand your requirements, recommend styles and work out the nitty-gritty details to give you the best value for money so that you have a peace of mind when we help you design your dream home.

Don’t worry and feel free to ask questions. That’s what our designers are there for!