Earth And Woody Warmth At Blk 350 Ang Mo Kio

Earth And Woody Warmth At Blk 350 Ang Mo Kio

A home is a place that warms the heart and soul. The colours chosen for this client’s home design not only fulfils that purpose, but also adds a touch of class with its woody, Scandinavian style.

Classic, elegant Scandinavian design where the principles and the core values of the style are followed to its fullest.

What is fascinating is how the designer incorporates different wooden materials and styles, but blends them all together into one cohesive design. Lighter and darker tones are used for a touch of contrast, a trick that the designer uses in the living room and in the bedroom as well.

In the living room, the wall is the lighter solution, while the floor is the darker color. In the bedroom, we see the opposite and how it works.

Multiple light sources provide the apartment with enough light. In the bedroom, for example, the ceiling sources are not enough, as the designer has added not one, but two table lamps.

The bedroom also features a working desk, which can easily be transformed into a powder room if you remove the laptop. The goal, as always is to think multifunctional and use furniture that can serve multiple purposes.