Eclectic Vintage Furnitures For Hair Salon

Eclectic Vintage Furnitures For Hair Salon

Two aspects are important in the design of a hair salon. First of all, it must provide calming and comfortable ambience, where people would feel relaxed.

On the other hand, the salon also must pop and look interesting and unique. It is hard to strike the balance between the two, but in this case, the designer nailed it.

Starting from the obvious, the design is pretty eclectic and bold, echoed by the splash of colors you see all around the salon.

However, what is comforting is the use of vintage elements that have been given new life. Vintage timber cabinets, framed windows, coffee tables and even some elements that our grandparents used to use are what gives life to the interior.

Tapestry of the chairs is also in the vintage spirit, but that applies for the chairs used for the waiting room. The chairs for customers are comfortable, leather made, and very modern.

An underrated aspect of the interior design is the use of wall coverings, both for the floor and the walls. Flooring is done with tiles, but with an interesting pattern that spreads through the whole salon. A wall effect is what adds depth to the interior.

And most importantly, the salon has abundance of light, both natural thanks to the full floor to ceiling windows on the window display and the many light sources on the ceiling.