Efficient Use of Space At Blk 527D Pasir Ris

Efficient Use of Space At Blk 527D Pasir Ris

The living area of the apartment is a perfect example of a room that can blend in together several different styles.

The essence of the living room is a modern style with elements such as TV feature wall with quarts and marble. But there is also influence from other styles, most notably Japanese style.

The low coffee table is characteristic for a Japanese style living room, and with the seating pillows on the floor, the designer tries to completely mimic the style.


The influence of Japanese style is also evident in the bedroom as well. In the bedroom, the designer installs sliding doors for the cabinet, an element that is also common for Japanese style.

Floating shelves and cabinets in the bedroom are a way to maximise the high ceiling of the room for storage.

The master bedroom, on the other hand, can be described as an “apartment within the apartment”.

Working with large space, the designer places several “individual” corners in the bedroom: one for study, one for powder room, and a TV so the hosts can have the entertainment aspect settled.