Elegant Modern Scandinavian At The Miltonia Residences

Elegant Modern Scandinavian At The Miltonia Residences

In a classic Scandinavian way, the designer here works with the potential of the apartment, and uses it to its full advantage. In reality, this condo unit is small, but the designer manages to pull it off and make it look bigger and more comfortable.

For starters, the designer sticks to minimalistic design, with few alternations. And being true to the Scandinavian main theme, a plant on the balcony looks like it is positioned in the living room.

The balcony is actually the dining room, and it has been decorated as such. Moving towards the bedroom, we see how the designer takes advantage of the height of the room and the apartment in general.

Built in wardrobes are a must here. Looking more closely, we can notice how the designer has added extra dimensions to the bedroom (the headboard and the wall above it for example). More dimensions always equals more depth.

Shelves on the wall are another clever solution for maximizing the height.