Experiment with Colours for a Stunning Look
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Experiment with Colours for a Stunning Look

Experimenting with colours and texture is one of the best and most creative ways to get a stunning look in your apartment. However, not everyone can do it, and it requires a bit of skill and experimentation.

Here, we see three designs where the designer goes outside the box. In the first design, we see the use of lofted platform in the living room. In both cases, the illumination underneath the platform emphasises the main them of the room.

This nautical theme also creates calming and comfortable environment. In the second design, we see how well red can fit in the environment. What is even more special about this living room is that it is lofted on a platform.

One piece of red hue is enough to make the room bold, but not overwhelming. As for the floating platform on which the living room is mounted, the effect is excellent, given the fact the contrast between the platform and the rest of the room (tiles versus laminate).

In the third design, we see how texture can completely change the outlook of a room. The perfect example is the pillows with metallic fabrics that make the room look more luxurious and add a prestige factor.

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