Fitzgerald’s Type Of Luxury

Fitzgerald’s Type Of Luxury

Scott Fitzgerald is one of the greatest American writers in the 20th century. And when it comes to describing glamour, prestige and luxury, he is second to none.

The apartment, designed for relaxation with a glass of wine, can perfectly fit into one of Fitzgerald’s novels. The luxury and prestige are obvious.

Every room glows with luxury, and the choice of colours is a not so subtle way of expressing wealth. Going for gold and brown, two of the colours mostly associated with luxury just enhances the effect of the interior design.

But the most beautiful room is the one with as little luxury as possible, or the “garden” type of room. An artificial room created within the apartment, the room is the ideal spot for relaxing after a hard day at work.

As for the bedroom, the sheets on the bed are enough to make you wish you sleep in the bed. And the overall ambient of the room is just another way for expressing the social status.