Floating Storage At Palm Isles

Floating Storage At Palm Isles

When it comes to floating furniture in the living area or the dining area, we mostly see floating shelves. But what is rarely seen in the interior is a floating cabinet. Such is the case in this apartment.

In the living area, a whole cabinet with shelves like a cube is floating, leaving space for illumination underneath. The floating effect makes the room look magical and artificial.

With several display niches in the middle, and light wood furnishing, the cabinet fits ideally as a signature piece in the interior.

The designer has also used floating furniture in the bedroom. And while platform and floating beds are common in recent years, the designer made sure this one is special and unique.

Aside from placing the bed on a platform, the headboard is also distanced from the wall little, just enough to create space for illumination that continues under the bed.

In the bathroom, aside from floating shelves and cabinets, the designer also uses built in shelves to save space and make it unique. A built in shelve hosting all the cosmetic products is a great way to save space in the bathroom.